On occasion I will take a special order or commission piece. If you are interested just email me. 

Payment is due up front.

After piece is completed, you will have opportunity to make up to 3 changes, if at all possible. If after approval photos are sent,if you change your mind, and don't want the piece, 50% of the cost will be refunded. I have never had to use this policy.

If I sell the doll/piece to another collector, I will refund in full at my discretion.


If you are bidding on an auction, and change your mind, deciding it's getting to high or something...and decided you'll just special order the doll from me instead, there will be a 20% upcharge  on the final auction value, for the commissioned piece. If I OFFER to make an auction piece for you, there is of course no upcharge. I rarely take orders though... just FYI. 


SHIPPING will be refunded if there are overages that exceed $1, I always try to ship as close to actual as I can.


IF YOU receive the wrong item~PLEASE tell me so I can get you the correct item, and the person who's item you received can receive theirs. 

I will refund any shipping costs to you to ship the item back to me, or to the person. 

SHIPPING deficits will be invoiced after I let you know about it. 

ALL SALES are final

I don't accept returns on my art.

PLEASE look at the photos, and read descriptions carefully to avoid buyer's remorse, I do not do returns or exchanges. Ask questions before you buy or bid.

If a piece arrives damaged, insurance may cover it, so you would need to call your local PO. 

If you would like a repair, I may be able to repair the piece. All expenses and shipping are your responsibility. 

It is my goal to have satisfied collectors. If you have any issues at all please contact me.

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